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Garth had a long history of drug abuse. Several attempts at treatment had failed him; as a result he was in and out of his children’s lives, and nearly landed in jail. He found himself living on the street, barely able to survive. Garth’s mother
discovered Dimock and secured a place for him within our acute detox facility where, from his first day, Garth felt the sincere care and support of our staff. It was this care that helped him to realize that true recovery would require more than simply a five to seven day detox stay. With the help of his Dimock Case Worker, he transitioned into Dimock’s Askia Academy, an on-campus, one year residential recovery home for men. At Askia, Garth entered a rehabilitation program of recovery, helping him heal mind and body through counseling, classes on coping skills, and job placement help. With encouragement and support, Garth has become a contributing member of the community and has found the strength in himself to see a better life ahead.Stabilization Chart